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The Man Who Came Back is the 19nd broadcast and the 21st produced episode of British television series UFO.


Spaceship pilot Craig Collins disappears while making re-entry into the atmosphere and is believed dead. However after two months, he suddenly turns up in the South Pacific. He is immediately put back to work on SHADO's S.I.D satellite computer, on which he is an expert. But after attacking Virginia Lake, Paul Foster and Colonel Grey, it becomes clear that something is very wrong with Collins. Tests show that his personality centres have been destroyed by laser beam surgery and that he has been programmed by the aliens who did it so that he can be controlled with sound waves. All that remains is to alert Straker in time, he is on a mission with Collins, who has been programmed to kill him!


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SID - Mel Oxley

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  • Nancy Nevinson, who provided the voice for Twizzle in The Adventures of Twizzle, is seen here as the housekeeper.
  • Michael Stevens, who appears as Sir Esmond's chauffeur, also appears as a CIA agent in Confetti Check A-O.K and a SHADO Control operative in The Sound of Silence. He has the distinction of being one of three members of the Space: 1999 regular cast to appear in UFO. The others are Alan Harris, who appears as a Space Interceptor pilot in Kill Straker and the SkyDiver sonar operator in Destruction, and Maureen Tann, who portrays a Moonbase operative in The Cat With Ten Lives, Destruction and Reflections In The Water. Andrea Allan, who portrays Moonbase operative Lieutenant Carol Miller, also appears in Space: 1999 as Nurse Paula in the episode Alpha Child, and Anouska Hemel, who plays Lieutenant Catherine Scott, portrays operative Annette Fraser in The Metamorph.
  • Rona Newton-John is the sister of singer Olivia Newton-John.
  • Jeremy Wilkin is seen here in stock footage lifted from Doppelgänger as the Launch Control Technician.
  • Derren Nesbitt (Colonel Craig Collins) later appears as Brad Huron in The Protectors episode Disappearing Trick and then as Colin Foster in The Protectors episode Talkdown.
  • Michael Culver, the son of Roland Culver (Sir Edmond), appears as Eagle Pilot Peter Irving in the Space:1999 episode Guardian of Piri.