The Race is the 19th broadcast episode and 18th produced episode of British television series Joe 90.


Joe 90 is given the brain patterns of a Monte Carlo Rally winner when the W.I.N. organization is issued with a challenge that threatens its future.


Shane Weston, of W.I.N. headquarters in London, accepts a challenge from the World Army's General Tempest, who claims that Military Intelligence can operate more efficiently than W.I.N., and that W.I.N. should become obsolete. The challenge is a contest to be run between two teams, one from the Army and one from W.I.N., in two vehicles with Monte Carlo as the goal. And no holds barred.

Joe 90, chosen to be W.I.N.'s No. One driver, is given the brain patterns of a Monte Carlo Rally winner, and he finds himself competing against a Private Clooney. The two vehicles involved are Professor McClain's own car, capable of great speed on land, in flight and as a hovercraft and General Tempest's is a high-speed amphibious U87.

General Tempest stops at nothing to get the better of the W.I.N. team. Signposts are altered and a jet-transporter is used. But Mac, Joe and Sam show equal enterprise, and the two teams reach a road block together and agree to make it a straight race from there to Monte Carlo.

The two vehicles battle dangerously through the winding and uncertain Alpine roads, both drivers showing tremendous skill, and with Joe passing the chequered flag just ahead of his rival.


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