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The Snake is the 5th broadcast and the 5th produced episode of Independent television series Space Precinct.


An extortionist, named the Snake, has planted explosive devices aboard a tanker with a cargo of 200 million gallons of liquefied hydrogen., Brogan and Haldane have just 13 hours to defuse them.


After the chief executive of Brett Interplanetary is murdered in his own apartment by the Snake, an extortionist who has terrorised victims on seven planets, the 88th Precinct becomes a temporary task force to track down and capture the Snake before he strikes again. The officers are joined by ECPF Sergeant Bill Gray, a specialist on the Snake who previously worked with Jane Castle as part of an ECPF bomb disposal unit back on Earth. Then Captain Podly receives word from the Talon Corporation that they have received a threat from the Snake which targets their Omega Class tanker Talon Princess, en route to Altor with 200 million gallons of liquefied hydrogen. Brogan, Haldane and Slomo rendezvous with the tanker and meet Captain Tecopa and her tech chief Asuza. Slomo soon tracks down one of the Snake's explosive devices in an airlock, but an examination of it activates a trip switch which primes this device and three others to detonate in 13 hours.

Regular Cast

Guest Cast

Creon News Interviewer - Joanna Berns

Creon Chauffeur - Rob Thirtle

Creon PCs - Rob Thirtle and Andy Dawson



  • Actor Joe Mydell make his Space Precinct debut here - later in the series, he plays Officer Lionel Carson.
  • At the end of the episode, Haldane invites Jane to dinner at the Royal Straker - a reference to Ed Bishop’s character in UFO.
  • Tecopa and Azusa reveal that it takes two weeks for a ship of the Princess’s mass to slow down from the speed of light and that they have been in reverse thrust for 13 days.
  • There are several references to the film Alien (1979) - Kane, Dallas, Brett Interplanetary and the Snake’s acid blood.