The Uninvited is the 5th produced, and the 10th broadcast, episode of the British television series Thunderbirds.


En route home to Tracy Island, Thunderbird 1 suddenly comes under attack from three fighter-aircraft of unknown origin. At Tracy Villa, an increasingly-alarmed Jeff Tracy and the others can only listen to Scott's anxious voice over the open radio circuit, as the ex-Air Force veteran calls on all his piloting skill to evade his pursuers. But the rocket-plane takes a direct hit, and is forced down over the Sahara Desert! And the radio goes ominously silent...

Some time afterward, two archaeologists, Wilson and Lindsey - on their own expedition in the desert - come upon the crash-site of Thunderbird 1 and discover its injured pilot. And while a happy family reunion subsequently ensues back at Tracy Island, the story is not over: will Wilson and Lindsey find the mysterious ancient pyramid they've been searching for?

And, just where did those lethal fighter-jets come from?...

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