The Unorthodox Shepherd is the 13th broadcast and 8th produced episode of British television series Joe 90.

Being broadcast on the 22 December, The Unorthodox Shepherd was a Christmas themed episode.


Joe is given the brain pattern of a World Bank President, and also becomes a ghost!


When the WIN organisation is investigating the passing of counterfeit notes, Joe 90 is given the brain pattern of a World Bank President and he establishes the important fact that the forgeries are very recent - printed within the past two weeks - and that they are from the original dollar bill plates which were supposed to have been destroyed. The apparent haunting of a church coincides with these events, and suspicion points towards the Reverend Joseph Shepherd when he pays forged notes into the bank. Professor McClaine and Joe call on him and find a very worried man, but they can get no help at all from him until they eventually force him into admitting that he is being blackmailed by a group of forgers who are using his church crypt as a workshop. His verger is being held there as a hostage. A plan is worked out which will foil the forgers with Joe's help. He undertakes quite a new role, this time as a ghost! Dressed in phosphorescent white and with a power pack on his back, Joe drifts into the crypt and terrifies the gang so much that they run into the arms of the waiting police.


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