Thunderbird 3 is a red reusable, vertically launched SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) spaceship used for rescue and maintenance of Thunderbird 5.

Technical dataEdit

  • Type: Space rescue and satellite shuttle craft
  • Designer: Brains
  • Built: 2063


  • Length: 287 feet
  • Nacelle span: 80 feet
  • Diameter: 23 feet
  • Weight: 562 tons


  • Power source: Atomic fusion reactor
  • Engines: 3 chemical rockets (used for launch), 3 ion-drive particle accelerators (used in deep space)
  • Pitch and yaw rockets: 12 in middle ring (for course correction), 20 in nose and 24 at rear (for attitude adjustment)


  • Standard acceleration 1g
  • Max sustained acceleration: 6g
  • Emergency acceleration: 10g
  • Range: Unlimited

Crew and AccommodationEdit

  • Pilot: Alan Tracy
  • Back-up crew Scott, Brains and Tin-Tin
  • Hangar: Beneath the Round House
  • Landing and take-off Vertical

Primarily piloted by Alan (John Tracy if it's Alan's turn to monitor Thunderbird 5), although Scott Tracy co-pilots. Since John is usually seen in Thunderbird 5, he is rarely seen piloting the spacecraft (only in The Mighty Atom, Danger At Ocean Deep and The Uninvited, and never in a rescue situation). In Ricochet, Virgil is seen piloting Thunderbird 3. This craft was used for space rescues in Sun Probe, The Impostors and Ricochet, as well as escorting Zero-X briefly in Thunderbirds Are Go.

Launch SequenceEdit

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  • It is rare that Thunderbirds 3 and 1 are used at the same time which allows for Scott to co-pilot Thunderbird 3, and Alan to pilot Thunderbird 1 if Scott is unavailable.
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