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Thunderbird 5 is a space-station - the orbital listening post of the top-secret organization International Rescue.

TB5 - which monitors all radio communication on Earth 24/7, for distress calls - holds the honor of being the very first IR craft to appear on-screen, in the TV series Thunderbirds.

Technical Data and Personnel

  • Space Monitor: John Tracy
  • Space Monitor: Alan Tracy
  • Orbit: Geostationary above Tracy Island (22,400 miles above the Pacific Ocean)
  • Equipment: Includes broadcast and relay monitors; anti-meteor deflector; electronic telescopes
  • Length: 400 feet
  • Height: 272 feet
  • Weight: 976 tons
  • Diameter: 296 feet
  • Power: Nuclear pile
  • Reception: Any signal within 100 million miles

Life In Space

John Tracy - astronaut, astronomer and communications expert - is TB5's primary resident. A state-of-the-art observational telescope - housed in a crystalline astro-dome atop the station - attests to his ongoing passion for studying the heavens in-between rescue calls.

He and his brother Alan trade duties on TB5 and Thunderbird 3 - IR's big red rocket - every other month. Big brother Scott Tracy, while not usually part of the regular rotation schedule, is nonetheless subject to call aboard TB5, should circumstances dictate.

Docking Bay

To allow safe and reliable access between Thunderbirds 3 and 5, a sealable docking port has been built into an arm extending from the satellite.


TB5 (and John or Alan, depending on who's on duty) appears in nearly every series episode, as it's usually the first to receive calls for help and then relay them to IR headquarters on Tracy Island (notable exception: Terror In New York City, where it's the only Thunderbird not to appear).

Trapped In The Sky

Pit Of Peril

Day Of Disaster

30 Minutes After Noon

End Of The Road

The Uninvited

Operation Crash-Dive

Vault Of Death

The Mighty Atom

City Of Fire

The Impostors

The Man From MI.5

Cry Wolf

Danger At Ocean Deep

The Duchess Assignment

Brink Of Disaster

Attack Of The Alligators!

Martian Invasion

The Cham-Cham

Atlantic Inferno

Path Of Destruction


Give Or Take A Million

TB5 also appears in the Thunderbirds films, Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbird 6.


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