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Troy Tempest
Gender Male
Born 4th January, 2038, New York
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Series Stingray
Role Captain of the Stingray
Voice Actor Don Mason

Troy Tempest is the lead character in the Supermarionation series Stingray. Captain of the submarine of the same name, deployed in service to the W.A.S.P., or World Aquanaut Security Patrol, Tempest is an action man, always ready to risk his life to defend the Earth from the dreaded aquaphibians.


Troy Tempest was born in New York City in 2038. After graduating from civilian school, he enrolled in the San Diego campus of the World Navy Academy. At the age of eighteen, Tempest joined the Submarine Service of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol, where he first met his friend George Lee Sheridan.Source Needed


  • Troy Tempest's looks were said to be based upon those of James Garner.
  • According to Alan Patillo, he was drawn to the puppet of Troy because of a squint he possessed that worked well on camera. This was not intended and as soon as he mentioned it to the puppeteers, they rushed Troy through the workshop to rectify it. Alan remarked that Troy never looked so good on camera thereafter.
  • In the Captain Scarlet continuity, Captain Scarlet's Spectrum Organisation colleagues Captain Grey and Lieutenant Green were former WASP colleagues of Troy Tempest and George Lee "Phones" Sheridan.