Tune of Danger is the 13th broadcast episode and 31st produced episode of British television series Stingray.


Agent X-2-Zero makes plans to ruin a jazz group's performance in Marina's father's home undersea city with a bomb.


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  • In the first shot we see of Lieutenant Gray, hidden just behind him is Commander Zero from Fireball XL5.
  • Also among the audience are the three WSP Commanders and Sandy Gibson from Titan Goes Pop.
  • This episode is one of only three where Surface Agent X-2-Zero appears in an episode without King Titan. The Other episodes are Tom Thumb Tempest and Rescue From The Skies.
  • The radio used by Lieutenant Grey to communicate with X20 was previously seen in Marineville Traitor as Commander Shore's concealed transmitter.
  • The Wasps jazz numbers are played by Gordon Langford (piano), Alan Ganley (drums) and Joe Mundele (bass).
  • Lieutenant Lawrence ‘Larry’ Gray is named after Barry Gray, as is the pianist’s piano (a Graystein).
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