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Jcamts is a big fan of Gerry Anderson productions. His favourite shows are Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons.

He was just recently made an administrator of the by the creator Jamjumetley on the 23 April 2009.



His favourite epsiodes of Thunderbirds are Pit Of Peril, City Of Fire and Operation Crash-Dive.

Terror of New York City

  • As the character Scanners was voiced by Shane Rimmer, JCAMTS always believed that it was Scott Tracy who was telling the Sentinel to shoot down Thunderbird 2.

Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

His Favourite episodes of Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons are Avalanche, Manhunt, The Mysterons, Traitor and Place Of Angels.

Joe 90

His favourite episodes of Joe 90 are Hi-Jacked, Double Agent, The Fotress and See You Down There

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  1. The Big Gun
  2. Sea Of Oil
  3. City Of Fire
  4. Planet 46
  5. Pit Of Peril
  6. The Uninvited
  7. The Mighty Atom
  8. Hostages Of The Deep
  9. Treasure Down Below
  10. The Excavator
  11. Sun Probe
  12. The Golden Sea
  13. Vault Of Death
  14. ‎Misc. Parodies and References
  15. The Fire Tender
  16. Grounded
  17. Meritamis
  18. Solaster Leader
  19. Captain Black (Stingray)
  20. Captain Black (Disambiguation)
  21. Corda
  22. Hypnotic Sphere
  23. What Goes Up
  24. Keep it Cool
  25. Jungle Hazard
  26. Titan Goes Pop
  27. Desert Jeep
  28. Trapped In The Depths (Disambiguation)
  29. Trapped In The Sky
  30. The Mysterons (Disambiguation)
  31. In Search of the Tajmanon
  32. Trapped In The Depths (Supercar episode)
  33. Seek And Destroy (Disambiguation)
  34. Point 783
  35. Invasion Earth
  36. Deep Heat
  37. Traitor (Disambiguation)
  38. Doppelganger (Disambiguation)
  39. Emergency Marineville
  40. Invaders From The Deep
  41. How It Began
  42. Talkdown (Disambiguation)
  43. Episode (Discussion)
  44. WSP Commanders
  45. Hi-Jacked
  46. Trouble In Yellow Gulch
  47. Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons (audio)
  48. Planet Of Platonia
  49. Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons (Disambiguations)
  50. Kidnapped
  51. Instrument of Destruction - Part 1
  52. Space Magnet

Synopsises Written For Existing Pages

  1. Danger At Ocean Deep
  2. Shadow Of Fear

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