Type Patrol Ship
AppearancesFireball XL5
CrewColonel Steve Zodiac
Professor Matthew Matic
Dr Venus
Robert the Robot
Base Location Space City (Earth)

For the television show Fireball XL5 look here.

Fireball XL5 is one of an initial batch of thirty patrol ships built at Space City from 2050 to 2062. It is the best known craft currently serving with the World Space Patrol. Like its sister ships, the XL5 incorporates hyperdrive technology, whereby space and time can be effectively 'folded' to allow faster-than-light travel.

Fireball Junior

The nosecone section of Fireball is detachable as is used to land on planets while the main body continues to orbit the planet.

Technical Data


Hyperdrive: Velot space-fold hyperdrive generator.
Length: 300 feet.
Power source: nutomic fusion reactor.
Range: 100 light years.
Weight: 682 tons.
Wingspan: 125 feet.


Crew: Colonel Steve Zodiac, Professor Matthew Matic, Dr Venus, and Robert the Robot.
Power source: atomic fusion reactor.


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