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Zelda is the founder and director of the Centaurean Android Empire of Guk. She is the primary nemesis from the Terrahawks television series.


On the world of Guk (technically, Proxima Centauri 2), in the galaxy of Centaurus, Zelda was constructed as the personal servant and bodyguard of Prince Zegar, designed in the image of the oldest and wisest of the native humanoids. The spoiled prince, however, wanted his mechadroids to be more than perfect; he secretly arranged for Zelda to be upgraded with experimental modifications. His fatal mistake was neglecting to add any safety protocols for the android, lest she developed sentience. Her home for many years was the Imperial Palace of Guk; while Zegar and his subjects deteriorated into a state of apathy, Zelda and her fellow androids (particularly her "sibling" Cy-star) arose to a state of self awareness. Infuriated by the treatment she had to bear from Zegar, the android killed her master and conquered Guk before taking off into space to extend her domain.

On her long journey through space, Zelda came across other "monsters" who had been outcast from their respective societies; she took them in as part of her army. Zelda had to contend with the miracle of the form of her scruffy "son" Yung-Star. Upon arrival at her destination, the Sol System, Zelda promptly wiped out a Sol 4 (Mars) colony and made her home on the red planet, ready to start her campaign of destruction against humanity.


Zelda is defined by her intense hatred of humans. She travelled billions of miles through space simply to eliminate all humanoids on Sol 3 (Earth). Despite this, she shows a great deal of admiration towards her own forces, some of which take on humanoid appearance. She is extremely cunning and devious, always on the verge of outwitting and obliterating the Terrahawks. Zelda is the self appointed Queen of Guk and also proclaims herself as ruler of the universe, though this is just egotistical exaggeration on her part. Her flexibility, however, is her most valuable trait; such enables her to fight the Terrahawks in matters not just on the battlefield...but in philosophy, as well as both psychological and biological warfare. She also displays an odd curiosity with the minor aspects of Earth culture, particularly their seen when she entered her own band in the world song contest, competing against Kate Kestrel for the title of best song in the universe.

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