Zoonie the Lazoon is a character from the series Fireball XL5. He is the pet of Dr. Venus. Much like the name of his species implies, he is a very lazy creature and thus possesses little motivation to do anything. Given the opportunity however, he is known to fiddle with machinery he does not understand, which predictably leads to misfortune for those around him.

He was voiced by David Graham.


Like many Lazoons, Zoonie has empathetic abilities, such as sensing electromagnetic disturbance (See Last Of The Zanadus), and sensing the emotions of others (See The Sun Temple). In addition, Zoonie is also a mimic, able to imitate human speech as well as other creature noises (See Space Monster). Although he seems lazy and even idiotic at times, his intelligence has saved lives on more than one occasion. (See Drama At Space City).



  • Some sources spell his name 'Zoony', such as The Complete Gerry Anderson Authorised Episode Guide.
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